At Trisacor we deal with all types of construction and reforms, including those for housing construction. Building a space in which to live is for Trisacor a project in which we put everything on our part so that our customers can truly feel that they have found their home.

Home Interior Design
Reforms of interiors and new work. At Trisacor we design and design a new interior model based on the specifications desired by each client and with which to achieve optimal use of each space, distribution and lighting. We will have as starting point the desired and previously defined final result, on the basis of which to develop an interior design that optimizes each space to the maximum. Then, we will choose the appropriate materials and finishes with which to faithfully capture the final design desired by the client.
Single family Home

Our work begins in the project phase where we advise our clients in the choice of materials, distribution, lighting (both natural and artificial), interior design, etc. Our goal will be to get the dream home for our clients, either new work or the necessary reform to get it. Our seriousness and commitment for a job well done will add the confidence necessary to put in our hands what your future home.

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