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About us

Trisacor is a company in the construction industry, specialising in works in both the public and private sector, always in compliance with our values of quality and customer satisfaction, and applying these in our contact with various official departments that the projects we work on have to pass through for authorisation.

Trisacor Infraestructuras y Servicios SL
Extensive experience

We have extensive experience in the construction industry, both in projects for the public and private sector. The experience that we have acquired throughout our time in the industry has served as a fundamental pillar to gain the trust of various public authorities and of private clients.

About us

The Alarcón family has been connected to the construction industry since the 1950s, and we therefore have extensive, varied experience as a contractor for public works, civil engineering works, construction and renovation.

Currently, and as an essential requirement in order to provide our services, among other administrative documents we hold civil liability insurance, we are registered in the Register of Accredited Companies, as an external risk prevention company, in the Bidders’ List of the Autonomous Community of Murcia and in the Official National Bidders’ List (ROLECE).

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The reputation, rigour and professionalism that our company has demonstrated have been a fundamental reason why public authorities have trusted us with their projects as partners with Trisacor.

In our years as a business, our company has created an enormously varied portfolio of suppliers in the sector, as well as clients who have been very satisfied with the achievement of the objectives they have set, and we have established a policy that rewards loyalty with competitive prices.



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