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Medio ambiente políticas

TRISACOR, INFRAESTRUCTURAS Y SERVICIOS, S.L. sees respect for the environment and energy efficiency as essential factors when carrying out its work, in order to achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements and also end-user satisfaction, all based on the fundamental premise of making our work compatible with the environment and improving energy performance.

To achieve this, our company allocates all the material and human resources required, because the compliance of our products with our clients’ requirements and also with all the legal, regulatory and other requirements that TRISACOR is subject to is our primary objective, along with the continuous improvement of our system (in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards).

The commitment of TRISACOR to protect the environment and to efficient energy management, as well as its compliance with environmental and energy legislation and regulations and the requirements that our company accepts concerning its environmental aspects, its energy uses and consumption, is focused on the continuous improvement of our environmental and energy performance, as well as the environmental and energy uses and consumption that are key to our business in the construction and service industry.

The environment

In order to achieve these objectives, we use the following as our foundations:

  • Planning and executing works in an organised, rational way that eliminates errors, thereby reducing impact on the environment.


  • Improving the management of generated waste, by applying adequate measures for their reduction, recovery and recycling and ensuring the correct removal of any non-recoverable waste.

  • Preventing pollution throughout the environment (underground and surface water, soils, the atmosphere).

  • Maintaining fluid communication with clients in order to look after their needs, requirements and expectations so that their satisfaction is as high as possible and creates loyalty. Always acting responsibly and transparently, ensuring impartiality, confidentiality and fulfilling our commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Increasing communication with public authorities, neighbourhood associations and non-governmental bodies concerning environmental issues of common interest.

  • Supporting the purchasing of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products and services, as well as seeing design as a way to improve the energy and environmental performance of TRISACOR.

  • Encouraging and training personnel for the monitoring of quality-control procedures and the use of the most environmentally suitable techniques and products, without this affecting creativity or the innovations that will emerge from a continuous improvement process of our system.

  • Informing and raising awareness of personnel about the importance of the correct management of energy and the impact of their work on the organisation’s energy performance.

  • Informing and raising awareness of personnel about the importance of the correct management of energy and the impact of their work on the organisation’s energy performance.

  • Establishing a select team of partners that have the same criteria as TRISACOR concerning quality, the environment and energy saving, in order to ensure that the work carried out in terms of durability, cleanliness, final finish, respect for the environment and energy efficiency is as good as possible, and including these criteria in the Quality Control, Environmental and Energy Management Policy of our company.

  • Ensuring that all personnel members are aware of, understand and logically and rationally apply specifications and standards, methods, procedures and our policy in accordance with our system, thereby ensuring automatic self-monitoring of work that will minimise or make corrective actions unnecessary.

TRISACOR, INFRAESTRUCTURAS Y SERVICIOS, SL undertakes to continuously improve the aforementioned aspects, and to carry out annual reviews and audits to this end.

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