Building materials for a quality reform

A new year has just begun, and therefore it is the best time to start a reform at home, be it a comprehensive or partial reform and choose the best best construction materials. The reasons for initiating a reform in these dates are numerous, among which we can highlight: less heat to work on a reform, since in cities such as Murcia or Alicante the heat often makes the good work of the workers impossible. Another reason is that the humidity comes to light in winter, like the cracks in the windows, and, finally, the reform will be ready for the summer.

What you should know before making a comprehensive reform

Make a comprehensive reform is not a simple process and if it is the first time you are going to make one is likely to not even know where to start, therefore, from Trisacor, Murcia's remodeling and decoration company, we leave a series of tips to follow before beginning a comprehensive reform.

House reforms

At Trisacor we have been working in the construction sector for years and developing projects of various kinds that range from the construction of large infrastructures to private works such as renovations in the home, the design of commercial premises or the rehabilitation of buildings. Our commitment to perform the best work has led us to be one of the most consolidated reform companies in Murcia. If you are thinking of reforming your house, here are some tips that may be useful when facing the reform.

Energy-efficient housing construction

An energy efficiency certificate revalues ​​the sale and / or lease of our home. The energy efficiency certificate calculates the annual energy consumption necessary to satisfy the demand of a building under normal conditions. Knowing from the beginning, what annual energy expenditure a home has can save us scares when checking our bills. If we want to invest in savings we must invest time in finding those properties that have obtained the certificate of energy efficiency. It is proven that efficient housing can save up to 40% of energy.

How do anti-seismic buildings work?

We have repeatedly been able to see the resistance that many buildings have to earthquakes and the flexibility that their structure can have in order to avoid damages or collapses. This is no accident or product of fortune, its origin is in a careful design and manufacturing process.

Construction and care of the environment

Trends in the construction environment and household reforms point to the same direction, care and protection of the environment. The environmental impact produced by the rapid growth of the industry and changes in the customs of the population has ended up seriously affecting our environment and nature, so it is urgent to seek a prompt solution that allows us to remit and stop some of the consequences that Have had these harmful practices.

Construcción de viviendas de eficiencia energética

Un certificado de eficiencia energética revaloriza la venta y/o arrendamiento de nuestra vivienda. El certificado de eficiencia energética calcula el consumo anual de energía necesaria para satisfacer la demanda de un inmueble bajo condiciones normales. Saber desde el principio, qué gasto de energía anual tiene una vivienda nos puede ahorrar sustos a la hora de comprobar nuestras facturas. Si queremos invertir en ahorro debemos invertir tiempo en encontrar aquellos inmuebles que hayan obtenido el certificado de eficiencia energética. Está demostrado que una vivienda eficiente puede suponer un ahorro de energía de hasta el 40%.

Housing and Accessibility

Architectural barriers are a form of discrimination because they limit the mobility of people who can not overcome them. Throughout our life we ​​may be limited by some accident, by age or by some type of handicap. If we build thinking of all, we are building to not be conditioned, regardless of the circumstances that fate.

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