In Trisacor we offer a service of reforms and fast and professional construction. Our experience in the sector has led us to address projects from both the public and private sectors.

In the public sector we have been hired by different municipalities, such as the municipalities of Murcia, Alhama, Abarán, La Union, Caravaca de la Cruz, Beniel, Ceutí, Molina de Segura, among others and Murcia and Alicante corporations as the education concierge and universities of Murcia or the Ministry of Development to build or rehabilitate community spaces such as sports halls, schools, squares, etc. Since the beginning of Trisacor, the different public administrations have acquired our services due to the great knowledge and control we have about the laws and regulations in force for the realization of any work of a public nature. In this way, they have relied on our construction company to improve infrastructure such as roads, whether urban or interurban, rural or forest roads, service roads and even distribution of water, sanitation or public lighting.

At Trisacor we are committed to the environment, therefore, we also carry out works to improve areas of great environmental importance, such as regional parks, wetlands or saws, while maximizing energy efficiency by building buildings that make the most of the energy .

Within the private sector we work hand in hand with our clients to design, build or rehabilitate their homes, commercial premises or industrial warehouses. Trisacor offers a service of integral reforms, being able to reform any of the rooms of your home or premises. In addition, we take care of the interior design of family homes and therefore of all the home decoration, wanting to be the reference company of decoration in Murcia and Alicante.

Trisacor is not only committed to the construction or the reforms, but also we offer a maintenance post-service, since for a project it is not enough with its realization, in addition it must be maintained during the time with the same quality and functioning as in its beginnings . Thus, we bet strongly for the quality of our works and their subsequent maintenance so that they do not deteriorate and do not suppose another high cost for our clients.

Any project that comes to our hands is studied meticulously to adapt to the needs of our customers and obtain the best results.
At Trisacor, a construction and renovation company, we always work with top quality materials to guarantee the durability and excellence of the work. In the same way, we have state-of-the-art machinery to optimize work and save time and money. All our workers are qualified to carry out their tasks in the most efficient and professional way. Trisacor offers a totally personalized service and is committed to the latest innovations in both materials and construction techniques.

From Trisacor we want to thank all those customers who are already part of our company and invite those who do not know us to visit our website or contact our construction team and reforms to advise them on the next project they want to develop and offer a budget adjusted to your needs.

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