Building materials for a quality reform

A new year has just begun, and therefore it is the best time to start a reform at home, be it a comprehensive or partial reform and choose the best best construction materials. The reasons for initiating a reform in these dates are numerous, among which we can highlight: less heat to work on a reform, since in cities such as Murcia or Alicante the heat often makes the good work of the workers impossible. Another reason is that the humidity comes to light in winter, like the cracks in the windows, and, finally, the reform will be ready for the summer.

In a reform there are two main factors, facilities and construction materials. The first make reference to what is not seen as plumbing, electricity and gas pipes among others, that if they are of good quality and are well made their reform will last forever. The second, the construction materials, are the doors, floors, toilets, etc. that if they are the right ones they will make your home look at your taste and style.

The loss of quality in the rehabilitation of a home is mainly due to the acquisition of materials or construction tools of a lower quality and that in a long term will entail a higher cost for its deterioration. Therefore, in Trisacor, we are a company dedicated to construction committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

In a rehabilitation project, you have to make many decisions, that is why in Trisacor we advise you to make the best possible decisions, from painting, walls or floors, always offering the highest possible quality and the best prices in materials of building.

The kitchen
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house and one in which there is more to strive for in a reform. The materials for the walls or floors of the kitchen, are usually different from those of the rest of the rooms of the house, since they must be materials that can be easily cleaned and more resistant as stoneware or ceramics. We also recommend covering walls with materials such as slate or tiles of different materials.

For kitchen countertops, the material most used today is the solid Surface, similar to natural stone, a very resistant and attractive material.

Bathrooms and toilets
For floors and walls of bathrooms and toilets we recommend, as well as the kitchen, resistant and easy to clean materials like those in the kitchen. You can also use materials such as glass and tiles that will give light and charm. In addition, the bathrooms of older homes usually have a bathtub, which we recommend replacing with a shower, with easier access and also take up less space and generate amplitude.

Living room, dining room and bedrooms
One of the elements that stand out in the rest of the rooms of the house that are not the kitchen and bathroom is the floor, which is generally the same type in all rooms. For the floor we recommend using wooden materials such as parquet or parquet, although increasingly it is opting for other materials such as microcements.

In older homes we usually find gotelé walls, which we recommend removing in a reform to opt for smooth walls. After this decision, you should choose to paint the walls or use wallpaper. A good option is to use plastic paint, easy to clean and more durable than others.

The best option for lighting is to opt for the LED throughout the home, although the cost is higher, you will see it reflected in your rate of light.

Take advantage of everything that Trisacor can do for you in the reform of your home. We help you to plan and make your ideas come true. Trisacor will make your home become a place where you can relax being all your taste and your way. Ask for your budget for a comprehensive or partial reform or budget of construction materials without commitment.

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