Energy-efficient housing construction

Energy Efficiency Homes

An efficient home is one that is built or reform with a view to reducing energy expenditure. Today, just like appliances, buildings are also subject to a certificate of energy efficiency. If we are thinking of buying a home, it is convenient that we pay attention to those who have such a certificate since through it we will know the energy expenditure of said construction.

What are the advantages of energy-efficient housing?

An energy efficiency certificate revalues ​​the sale and / or lease of our home. The energy efficiency certificate calculates the annual energy consumption necessary to satisfy the demand of a building under normal conditions. Knowing from the beginning, what annual energy expenditure a home has can save us scares when checking our bills. If we want to invest in savings we must invest time in finding those properties that have obtained the certificate of energy efficiency. It is proven that efficient housing can save up to 40% of energy.

If we are also concerned about the environment, we must know that if we buy a home adapted to reduce energy expenditure we are directly contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere since we are using more than the absolutely necessary energy, we do not waste energy , We do not waste it, we do not cause the overheating that is currently influencing the known and catastrophic climate change.

How do you make a home efficient?

We all know that putting the heating and leaving the door open only serves to waste energy and increase the bill of light, this obvious sometimes goes unnoticed if it is other issues such as the lining of walls or material of the That our windows are made.

Currently research, development and innovation in subjects such as construction materials allows us to have opportunities in the market to improve the insulation of a building. Windows with a minimum of double glazing, the construction of buildings with optimal orientation, thermal insulation (in walls, ceilings, windows …), with respect to roofs to double the thickness of the insulation and / or incorporate elements that can project shade. In the same way we can attend to small details such as the use of low-energy bulbs or bulbs or the incorporation of heating or air conditioning appliances that have a certificate of energy efficiency.

Finally, we will say that energy-efficient housing contributes not only to the improvement of our economy and the environment, but also to a healthier environment. How is it possible? If our house is well oriented, it will provide us with the entrance of natural light that contributes to the well-being of our organism (improves defenses, influences a more positive mood …); We will also take advantage of sunlight to achieve a more natural temperature avoiding the use of devices that sometimes do not feel completely good to the body.

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