Construction and care of the environment

Construccion en el medio ambiente

Construcción de edificios respetado el medio ambiente.

Trends in the construction environment and household reforms point to the same direction, care and protection of the environment. The environmental impact produced by the rapid growth of the industry and changes in the customs of the population has ended up seriously affecting our environment and nature, so it is urgent to seek a prompt solution that allows us to remit and stop some of the consequences that Have had these harmful practices.

The world of construction is among these sectors that promotes the use of resources and materials so that the harmful impact is as small as possible. In Trisacor we have been linked to the world of construction since the 50s, accumulating all these years a wide experience in activities such as renovations, construction, interior design, offices, etc. and that helps us to be aware of the need to bet on a management Energy, as well as promoting the use of clean and renewable energies.

Much of the building materials used diversify different models of manufacturing or processing of raw materials with the aim of adapting their characteristics to a specific purpose. This fact damages the recycling and reuse of the materials, which due to its different components, it is possible to recover only a quarter of them for a new use. The fact of not being able to use a higher percentage of recycled materials has a direct impact on the environment, having a high impact due to the need for a new process to extract raw materials, a new manufacturing process and the cost Which entails, all with the consequent environmental impact that this whole process has.

The use and better use of raw materials, more efficient processes of treatment and processing, combined with the use of renewable energy will help us to continue to contribute actively to the care of our planet.

Achieving materials with a lower environmental impact is one of the outstanding tasks of our sector, which includes greater durability, renewable resources and the use of clean energy for its development, actions that will be a great help in environmental matters .

For our part, we will continue working with the objective of continuously improving our environmental performance, always respecting current regulations and committing ourselves to annually carry out audits and reviews that will help us improve our processes and construction methods so that our environmental footprint is as small as possible.

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