Business premises and offices

The environment and setting of any premises have a very strong influence on the success of each business. The external and internal appearance can be a great attraction for any potential client. However, this is not just a question of an appealing design, it is the integration of this design into the functionality and activity of the business. When carrying out the design of your project, we take into account the characteristics of your business, the products or services you offer and their individual display requirements, so that we always achieve the best finish, the best final result and always in compliance with the legal regulations in force for each type of business.

Office premises

What is most important in any place of work is comfort and the right working conditions for the business. An office must have the spaces and structures that will help to optimise work and time, as well as the right conditions for each worker, which are factors that will influence the final productivity of the company.

The design and appearance of each working area will have an influence on the final image that the company conveys to its potential clients, and this is another factor to be considered during the project design.


For certain projects experience is an added value, and this is the case in the construction or renovation of health clinics and facilities. In these types of buildings, it is knowledge about legal and health regulations that will, to a large extent, determine the final result of the project. Great importance also lies with the materials used for each space, and this is another one of the most important aspects when preparing the design. The external and internal design of each clinic must receive the necessary care so that it conveys the essential feeling of trust and comfort that is so valued by patients. Trisacor has the necessary experience and qualifications to carry out any kind of renovation or new construction of health clinics and facilities.


Both the interior and exterior design of these types of business are an important part of the company, as the design represents the brand image that they wish to convey to potential clients.

At Trisacor we have the right staff with the right training to shape and bring this brand image to life for commercial premises, taking care of all the important points, such as the interior design, use of colours, furniture, etc.

All of these characteristics will be associated by the public with the products or services that the company offers.

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