Road works

In Trisacor, a construction company, we have been working for years to improve road communications in the community of Murcia and Alicante.

Our company carries out public projects for municipalities and municipalities and many have relied on us for the construction of their roads, rural roads, forestry and all types of urban and interurban roads. The work we do is always done with the best materials and qualified personnel that helps to make them in the shortest possible time with the consequent economic savings.

Trisacor wants to put at the service of the community all the experience of years in the construction of roads and roads.
Our work is done with specific machinery for earthworks and pavement. We use, as we said, only the best materials for it to be a job that lasts over time and thus guarantee the best service. All this is done in accordance with the regulations and legality in force in the environmental and labor field.

The professionalism with which we approach these works has exchanged the trust of different municipalities of Murcia and Alicante for which we have been able to develop different projects both for construction and improvement of the communication routes of a whole community.

Thanks to this type of works we can improve communications, transport and trade of the different municipalities and, with it, optimize not only their infrastructures but also their economy.

That there is a good road network is essential for the improvement of trade and economy of any population, that is why, in Trisacor we are glad to design and carry out this type of works that go beyond the mere construction of one way.

The benefit of the construction of roads and service roads is essential for the growth of a community and the well-being of its inhabitants, which is why they should be carried out according to the needs they have and built to last over time. For example, roads that have to support a continuous passage of trucks must be built under certain standards.

From Trisacor we invite you to have our team of professionals if you need to improve the infrastructures of your city, town or municipality and contact them to improve the space of your community.

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