Urbanization Works

We build the necessary infrastructures for the creation of residential areas providing water distribution services, sanitation, public lighting, low voltage network, telecommunications, as well as the formation of roads, sidewalks and signaling elements, gardening and urban furniture.

In Trisacor we work in the construction, conditioning and rehabilitation of all those infrastructures necessary for the improvement and welfare of the community.
The fast and professional service of our workers helps to tackle this type of projects in the most efficient way and with the least possible environmental impact. In the same way, we are committed to the use of energy, therefore, we maximize energy efficiency so that it has a lower expenditure and at the same time is not so harmful to the environment.

The community spaces of any urbanization must be designed to be accessible and safe: gardens, sidewalks, street furniture, etc. In Trisacor we put all our effort so that this happens creating adapted and more habitable places, free of architectural barriers that allow the use and enjoyment of all the members that are part of the urbanizations or communities. In Trisacor construction professionals adapt the designs to the needs of all individuals complying with the different regulations on accessibility.

The construction work we carry out from Trisacor aims to create more human, functional and perfectly supplied environments of necessary services such as: sanitation, lighting, telecommunications, sewerage, as well as the creation of recreational spaces for the entire community, among others .

Work well done is the best satisfaction and to achieve this we have construction professionals who have been working in the sector for many years in the projection, design and construction of urbanizations. In addition, we have all the necessary machinery for the realization of works or constructions of any kind in residential spaces, always choosing the best materials, these being of the highest quality, since we have the best possible suppliers such as Porcelanosa, Silestone, Grohe , etc. so that our work lasts over time and the client does not have to make a high subsequent disbursement in recovery tasks.

That is why once the construction, conditioning or rehabilitation of the residential area is completed, we offer a subsequent maintenance service to prevent our customers from having to make another large investment in the future due to the deterioration of the work. Therefore, the client will not have to worry about problems after the completion of the work once our services have been acquired, since in Trisacor we take maximum care of the quality of our work from beginning to end to keep our clients as satisfied as possible and our trajectory supports us.

In Triscacor we have been doing all kinds of public and private works for more than 50 years, improving year after year, which has caused our clients to feel satisfied with us and we have earned their trust due to the quality and compliance of the deadlines in the works we do.

Currently we have all the necessary permits to perform any type of construction and we know the regulations and laws in force to carry them out. Thus, the client will not have to worry about legal or bureaucratic problems since Trisacor offers in minute detail the steps to follow in any of the works or constructions that are carried out.

Request your budget without commitment for the realization of any work or reform in your development or residential area or contact our team of professionals for any questions you may have.

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