Among the activities carried out by Trisacor, a construction and renovation company, is that of maintenance, conservation and monitoring services for owners’ communities, urbanizations, buildings, green forest areas and other infrastructures.

At Trisacor we are aware that not only the realization and materialization of a project is enough, but that much of its useful life will depend on adequate maintenance and care. When we face a construction or reform job, we worry about selecting the best materials for their quality and for their suitability to the place or function to which the project is intended to ensure that they do not suffer premature deterioration. In the same way, our work team is made up of different professionals from the construction sector with years of experience that contribute to carry out the works with efficiency, speed and guarantee.

In Trisacor we have been working in the construction sector for years and our projects have enough qualities to last over time. If, in addition, we take care of its maintenance it will be possible not to have to subsequently tackle works that require a greater effort and investment, thus lightening the costs in communities of neighbors, town halls, etc.

From Trisacor we opted for the conservation and preventive treatment of buildings, communities and infrastructures to avoid damages that imply large expenses in spills, municipal budgets, etc.

If the small problems that may arise due to the passage of time or use are resolved, the facilities will always be maintained in perfect condition, having a positive effect on the external appearance of, for example, a property and preserving its qualities as its energy efficiency. .

If you want to know all the work we carry out, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website where you will find some of the work we have done at public level for municipalities of Murcia and Alicante, and also, in the private sector as the rehabilitation of buildings, construction of houses, etc.

With the professionals of the construction and maintenance of Trisacor you will achieve that your spaces are always habitable and accessible for all because another of our pillars is to build thinking about all the needs of the users and inhabitants of a community.

Contact us now and tell us what you need, we will be happy to assist you.

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