Singular works

Sometimes projects that, due to their special characteristics, are worthy of highlighting fall into our hands, such as the ones shown below that have served to gain knowledge and experience applicable to the rest of our projects.
At Trisacor we have been working in the construction sector for years and this has allowed us to work on projects of all kinds that have helped us grow as a company and as professionals.
In all of them we put the best of ourselves and the experience along with the professionalism are two fundamental pieces to tackle any work.
In Trisacor we have been working for years on the construction, renovation and rehabilitation of endless projects and in all of them we follow the premise of surrounding ourselves with the best professionals in the construction sector and always working with top quality materials. The union of both has always resulted in the full achievement of our objectives and the satisfaction of those who placed their trust in us.
We carry out work both in the public sector (road construction, infrastructure development, improvements to community spaces, etc.), as well as in the private sector (rehabilitation of buildings, housing construction, renovations in homes and premises, etc.), and in any of them we put the same zeal of improvement to guarantee the best result.

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